Cake Decorations, Wool and Knitting Supplies, hand-made greetings cards

Meet Linda.......

Linda first worked in Wood Street Indoor Market in 1978 working on a stall selling Toys.

Linda is now proud to run her own business - Lilac Domino, selling cake decorations, baking supplies and hand-made greetings cards since 2006.

Linda has always wanted to own her own business and be her own boss, and loves all aspects of this, with the exception of doing the tax returns.

Linda is making a Doll House from scratch with furniture and a train set which she enjoys along with spending time with her daughter and grandson.



find us at

Unit A2/3
Wood Street Indoor Market
Wood Street

London, E17 3HX

Tel: 07930 486 513

what we sell

cake decorations
knitting wool
knitting accessories
handmade gifts
greetings cards for all occasions
hundreds and thousands
cake bases
food colouring
silver bobbles