Veebeez Expands To High Street and Joins Wood Street Indoor Market

Wood Street Indoor Market is pleased to welcome Veebeez as part of our family.

Veebeez is a family run business that makes Pure English Beeswax Candles and Funky and Unique Lampshades.

Sam started the business in 2012 after experimenting with paraffin wax, a container and a wick. She enjoyed it so much that she decided to find a better quality product to make with a view to make and sell. She quickly discovered Beeswax while shopping for supplies and decided that this was an excellent niche to be in.

The candles slowly became increasingly popular and customers were returning to buy the products and new ones were discovering me. Sam was successful in her goal and happy about the direction the company was going in. So in 2018 joined Wood Street Indoor Market along with her sister Miranda joining as a partner to enable us to expand to the high street which has always been my aim.

All Our candles are created using Pure English Beeswax of which i source direct from UK Bee Farms and is supplied in Raw unfiltered Blocks. The Beeswax comes from farms across the southern coastal region of England in the UK, I filter the Beeswax of all impurities before use, this is truly gorgeous Beeswax with NOTHING added, we like to know what is in our Beeswax.

All our candles and melts go through a strict development process and are tested for burn times, candle performance and safety. All our fragrance oils that are used for scenting purposes are PHTHALATE FREE!

The burning of a Pure Beeswax candle is non-toxic and hypo-allergenic making beeswax with no doubt the number one choice for all candle applications. Beeswax has the most amazing ant-bacterial properties and burning our pure Beeswax candles or melts is the most natural way to refresh and purify your home. Pure Beeswax candles are safe for those that suffer from Asthma or Allergies and is known to help those who suffer with sinus problems. 

We are happy to create special orders on any of our products, if you require this please do contact us.

Veebeez was born from the love of scented candles and we wanted to share this love with other like minded people. We have been trading since December 2011 and would like to thank all that has supported us in purchasing and enjoying our products which has made us so successful to date.