Veebeez is a family run business and we make Pure English Beeswax Candles and Funky and Unique Lampshades.

I (Sam) started the business in 2012 after experimenting with parrafin wax, a container and a wick. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to find a better quality product to make with a view to make and sell. I quickly Discovered Beeswax while shopping for supplies and decided that a niche is what I needed and went with the Beeswax option. 

My candles slowly became increasingly popular and customers were returning to buy my products and new ones were discovering me. I was successful in my goal and happy about the direction the company was going in. So in 2018 has brought me to Wood Street Market along with my Sister Miranda joining as a partner to enable us to expand to the high street which has always been my aim.

I sell various types of candles these are mostly listed on my website  or you can look at veebeez on Etsy at 

Find out more and see the full range of our products at or


find us at

Unit M5
Wood Street Indoor Market
Wood Street

London, E17 3HX

Tel: 07930 275256

what we sell

Pure English beeswax candles
funky lampshades
essential oil scented candles
scented beeswax tart melts